Friday, June 09, 2006


Get ready America, you're about to be hit with something you never expected. If you've ever been to chances are you have an idea who "Brookers" is, and why I am bringing this up now.

Brookers is a 20 year old young woman from Massachusetts (who better be a Red Sox fan or my next blog about her will not be anywhere as nice) that makes these outrageously funny videos and posts them on Youtube. They are so good that she has become a cult figure on Youtube and is about to gain national notoriety. She can't say how, but I'm guessing she's about to sign with MTV (she says it's a TV company) and produce her own show. It should be great.

After watching her videos, especially this one:

I can't help but be touched by her and her story. I know my heart goes out to her because she and I share the pain of losing a parent, and whether you're 20 or closing in on 40, that loss never fully goes away. Add in the fact that I have a sister the same age and the reasons become even more obvious I guess.

This was the first Brookers video I ever saw, and I think you'll see right away why I kept looking for more of her stuff.

Good luck Brookers, and God bless. I'll be praying for you.

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