Friday, March 30, 2007

David Crowder and Ted Nugent

When I was a little punk kid growing up in Springfield, MA my favorite guitar player was Ted Nugent. Cool thing was that Ted had a love affair with our little town. When he came to town to play our tiny Civic Center, he ALWAYS put on a good show. One time he got banned from the Civic Center for three years for putting on too good of a show.
He also included us on his live "Double Live Gonzo" CD, and when he returned with Damn Yankees later on in his musical career it was one of the best shows I have EVER seen.

I have much man love for Ted Nugent. I have much guitar player love for him too. I hope someday he will play on my CD.

Now that I'm a bigger punk kid, one of my favorite artists is the David Crowder Band. I admire the passion that these guys play with, the genuine desire they have to reach out to the disenfranchised with the Gospel of Christ, the way David closes his eyes when he sings out to God, the creativity, the absolute genius, of their music. Without reservation I put their "A Collision" CD up there with other epic CD's I have owned, a list which includes:

Electric Ladyland - Hendrix
The Southern Rythym and Harmony Companion - The Black Crowes
Ten - Pearl Jam
The White Album - The Beatles
Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog
Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin
Badmotofinger - Soundgarden
One More From the Road - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Yes, "A Collision" is THAT good.

I have much man love for David Crowder and his band of miscreants. I have much God love for them too. I hope one day David Crowder will sing on my CD, or maybe Hogan will play fiddle. Maybe I'll just have to wait for the jam session in eternity.

Either way, yesterday I had one of those moments where something was happening for the whole world to see, but it felt like it had been planned out just for me.

Take a look at this clip of the day put out by the David Crowder band while they're recording their new CD.

Yes, that is Ted Nugent, The Nuge, The Motor City Madman. That's The Nuge laying down a track for the new David Crowder CD. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??!! If I go to a David Crowder concert and Ted Nugent ever comes out on stage and starts playing, I predict that I have a heart attack and a matter of fact, I WANT to have a heart attack and die. Right then I want to be in Heaven so I can just immediately tell God, "THANKS, THAT WAS AWESOME".

Okay, I might be exaggerating. Maybe.

But COME ON!!!

Ted Nugent and David Crowder??!!!



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Geoff said...

I just saw this randomly when I googled nugent and crowder. Awesome!