Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sarah and The Joshua Wildreness Institute

Randall Bray

Sarah Bray

952 B Snowfall Spur

Akron, OH 44313

Dear Friends and Family,

I trust that this letter finds you all well and enjoying the summer months. Although I am told that we need more rain I find this questionable since I’ve really enjoyed the weather. I may not be completely objective however since I’ve enjoyed only having one softball game rained out, and I also don’t have a lawn since I live in a condo.

Sarah has also been busy working full time at her job with the Heart Group and preparing for her time at the Joshua Wilderness Institute beginning this fall. For those of you who weren’t aware, Sarah was accepted into their 9-month program beginning September 9th of this year.

The Joshua Wilderness Institute is a program “designed for those who know they want to serve the Lord but lack the discernment, focus, spiritual and personal discipline, or life experience to exercise real wisdom in everyday situations.”

As most of you know, Sarah experienced a series of traumatic events beginning with the aneurysm and prolonged coma our mother suffered during Sarah’s early teenage years. I simply do not have the space to list here all that she has been through, but I can tell you how proud I am of the progress that she has made.

There was a time not long ago that I sincerely worried for her life because of the choices she was making. Thanks be to God however, her behavior has undergone a change that is nothing short of miraculous in the past 12 months. As thankful as I am for that progress, I am still unconvinced that she is prepared for the autonomy of life at a University.

It was at precisely the time I began to consider college as a viable possibility that I first became aware of the Joshua Wilderness Institute. I was overwhelmed when I listened to the story of the young woman I heard describe Joshua on the Focus on the Family radio program, because her story so closely resembled Sarah’s. I firmly believe that this program is God’s will for Sarah’s life at this time. You can learn about the Joshua Wilderness on their detailed website by searching for it on line.

Although the program itself is very reasonably priced, there is an attendance guarantee of $4500 due on August 15th. Altogether the cost of the program is $8000 with an optional trip to Israel next Spring costing an additional $4000. Sarah will work at the program however, and this will defray the expenses by roughly $2500, leaving the total cost for the year at $6270,or $10270 including the Spring Israel trip.

Presently our church, West Hill Baptist Church, has pledged $1000 and I hope to have enough funds to bring the total to about half the attendance guarantee. Unfortunately, we recently found out that our father will not be able to contribute, which has made this request for support necessary. I apologize for getting this letter to you at such a late date.

Would you please prayerfully consider joining me in fulfilling what I sincerely believe would have been my mothers wish, and what I firmly believe is God’s will, for Sarah at this time? I anticipate that her participation in this program will pay a lifetime, or more precisely, an eternity, of dividends.

For any additional questions please contact me during the evenings at 330-524-9979. If it is your desire to help, please make checks payable to Randall Bray. If we are unable to secure Sarah’s place by the August 15th deadline and there is no extension, I will destroy all checks. I will notify everyone able to contribute at that time as well. Thank you for your consideration.

In Christ’s name

Randy Bray

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