Friday, November 09, 2012

This is mostly for me to remember it.

David Crowder said:


Dear good soul, greetings, David Crowder here. I trust and hope you are well. I currently have a vision of you in my head and you are smiling. I hold to the strong belief that this corresponds to your reality.
Well, it has been a few days since last we spoke. And those few days have been fantastic on this end. Now, since it's been a bit of time since last we spoke, there's a lot I'd like to fill you in on. But, here's what's happened.
The DC*B came to an end in the early part of this year and I can not express enough how encouraging it has been for all of us to have such kind things sent through the internet machine and through the mail, as in, mail, as in the stuff you get out of your mail box and can hold in your hands and call "material". Yes. It has been wonderful. So, thank you. (If you are reading this and did not send any such encouragement, well, shame on you! But I say now, I don't blame you. What would you send? What could you say? I identify. I am socially awkward in the same way you are composed, as in, i too don't know what to do with my hands. All is forgiven.)
In the meantime…a few from our previous outfit have formed a new band. I wish to be presumptuous and assume you have already discovered, by chance, or unexpectedly, them, but in case you have had some bit of distraction, as in, like your friend Steve needed a ride, and of course, you are an amazing being belonging to the genus Homo and so you gave him a ride and so you missed this. But seriously,
You are happier now, I know this.
In the meantime…
Hehehe!!!!!!! (Ah! Can't wait for you to hear this next part! Ugh! If we were hanging out at Olive Garden right now, I would be sitting across the table from you eating Zuppa Toscana and you would observe my facial features forming into a pleased, kind, or amused expression that is typical to the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed, and then I would say to you, "OH MY WORD! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TOO!")
But since we're not at Olive Garden right now, I will tell you what I can.
So. I have been quietly gathering a new group of people to help us, you and me, feel things in our chest that we know are true! Yes!!! AHHH!!! I know! Right!?
Remember when the DC*B dabbled in a little bit of the bluegrass? Remember, "When the foot starts stomping, and the hands start clapping, don't panic. That's part of it. This is a little song called, 'I Saw The Light' by Hank Williams Senior, let's make it rowdy in here!!" And then we would all sing like crazy and feel like we knew something that the rest of 'em didn't, but should!?
Yeah. That thing. When reality shifts, when we would suddenly become aware of that fact that there is very little distance between us all and that we all no less than live and breathe in the very presence of God, and the Light is almost, at times, unbearable.
Well. I thought that moment significant.
And Oh Happiness, I have found a collection of folks that you absolutely have to find a way to hear. I do not kid. (I say that, and then I blow on my spoon full of tasty soup, from Olive Garden (Also, I tell you now, I have no idea why I got stuck on this OG thing, this is absolutely not product placement, I'm just hungry I think and the Zuppa Toscona sounds fantastic. Now if you work at Olive Garden and want to bless me with your ministry, I remain unopposed to such a thing.)
Luckily I have a few ways that may make the perception of the sound of this thing that I am speaking to you of over Olive Garden soup attainable.
We are doing limited dates through the end of the year. (Please Come!!!!!!) The link to where we will be follows. (No. Really. Please Come!!! I so want you to see this. This is like you and me and some friends on the front porch, and I so know you do not disappoint in such a setting!)
Uh. Brace for this. No. Really.
We, this little outfit and I, recorded an exclusive iTunes Session, which is all live, as in, sorry, you can't use auto tune or do overdubs, or edit bits and pieces, uh, no, as in, you played music and what went into the air is preserved as pristine and sacred. And yes. It felt like that. We recorded at Capital Records in the quaint sunny little town of Los Angeles. I want to tell you this, (I'm now blowing on my soup. Nothing worse than burning your tongue cause you can't taste a thing for like 2 days) I really want you to hear this. As in, really. We made a little video that goes along with it and will explain more of what I'm thinking about this whole thing right now, but honestly, I so want you to hear this stuff. It's special, I think.
And what's coming is something we'll have to talk about next time.

To which I responded:

Dude. Read your update and in the middle of it, like, somewhere near the part where you started talking about that time when we were all together and we started feeling like we knew something that the rest of 'em didn't, but should, well, an amazing thing happened, my heart stirred in my chest, and a tear came right to the corner of each of my eyes, because I REMEMBER that time, man, and whenever I'm having a time like I'm having right now, where I'm busy and I'm tired and I'm tired of being busy, and then I have one of those moments where it all comes together and hits me like a brick that I'm loved and I'm loved and that love is never gonna's the best single moment of the day. So. Since I was reading your update when it happened this time, it made me think of all the OTHER times I've thought about something you had said, and after thinking about what you said my heart leapt in my chest and tears came to the corners of my eyes, and I realized that I am loved and I am loved and that love is never gonna end...and thinking those thoughts made me happy. Because. Last year when I heard the news that DCB was going away. I was sorry and I was sad, but I was thankful for those times that you said those things that made me remember. So we scraped up our change and we drove to the show and we stood in the stands and we danced and we sang, and me and my love watched my daughter in the front row as she jumped and she hollered and she laughed and she screamed and my heart leapt in my chest and tears came to the corners of my eyes and I was thankful. To have one last time. But I was sad. A little. Because I already missed you. and I feared that you were being called to go climb a mountain or start a mission in a far land or maybe just settle down in one place. And there wouldn't be any more new thoughts that you sometimes make me think, in ways that touch me. But. Now. I realize I was wrong. And. I'm So. Happy. And I praise God that you listen when he talks and give your gifts in His service and let Him use you to help us find our way because its so easy to get lost and forget. That we're loved and we're loved and that love is never gonna end. So I'll see you. :):)

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