Monday, November 14, 2005

David Crowder Band Anderson, IN November 13

I'm still trying to recover from the beating I took this weekend. 700 miles in just over 36 hours. It was worth every inch.

After a brief stop in Dayton on Saturday night, I lit out for Anderson College in Indiana for the latest stop on the David Crowder band's Collision tour. Along with Shane and Shane and the Robby Seay band, this was absolutely the best Christian rock show I have ever been too, and it also ranks as one of the best shows, period.

What can you say about an artist that plays a non-stop, energetic set of contemporary, thought provoking, pulsating, God filled music and then comes out for the encore and smacks you in the mouth with some bluegrass and all but lifts the roof off of the place? All I can say is that although my yearning for DCB has finally been temporarily satiated, I left that place last night wanting more. The last time I felt this way about music, my friends were packing up the car and hitting the road to follow Jerry, Phil and the rest of that gang.

I jumped, I sang, I shouted, I laughed, I cried, I clapped and lifted my hands in the air......I sweated....I sweated a lot. And incredilby, during the whole time DC was orchestrating the evening, making us laugh, making us sing, making all 2000+ of us feel like close personal friends, I was in tune with the music and the words. The show isn't about DCB, it's about God and taking time to worship Him. The focus is never lost, it's impossible for that to happen with an artist who brings such thought provoking words to the table.

DCB reaches across all generations too. I'm beginning to leave my mid-30's in the rearview mirror, and I went to the show with my sister who will be entering her final teenage year in a week or so. We both had the time of our lives because we both connect with the whole DCB experience. DC is singing our words for us, singing our songs for us. Of course, he's doing it with his hair and his keytar....

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