Saturday, August 19, 2006

Apparently... (Quick run through current events)

Apparently...August is my "vacation from blogging" month....

Actually, I've had tons to write about, but not the time. It's 1:30 in the AM for instance. Just got back from my Associate pastor's house (who knew pastor s stayed up that late, huh?) and watching the 200th episode of Stargate-SG, which was prtty average. Actually, he really likes the shows and I am a big Sci-fi/Fantasy fan (For instance I am one of the 7 people...including the author...that even knows there was a second Stargate book, and one of three to have read it) so we have a good time watching these shows together.

The big news this week though is that as we speak, I am batting in a softball game. Seriously. It's the top of the 7th, the score is tied 22-22, there are men on 1st and 2nd base and I am at the plate. Those were the circumstances on Monday night in our church's Quarterfinal playoff game when we finally had to call the game because of rain. So next Monday, we will resume the game from that pressure for me at all [end sarcasm].

Actually, as much as I want to move on and win the championship, even if we lose I really feel like our team walks away winners. I know how cliche' that sounds, but it's true. As a coach it has been such a blessing for me to watch these guys this year go out there and represent our Lord and our church with such poise and gentleness. Their testimony has been above reproach, and even better, other coach's and teams have noted it to me and to us as a whole. I am humbled to think that God has put me in charge of such a wonderful group of guys. I know I'm not worth it, but I aspire to be, and it keeps me focused on trying to live each day for my Master and Savior.

Praise God.


Anonymous said...

The support of the team mates and just all and out positive vibe of the team is a testimony in itself but is also the mark of a good leader. Great game!

Jake said...

It has been a pretty much blog free month for me also writing and reading. Wish my church softball team would have made it past the first game in our league. Oh well it was fun none-the-less.