Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's all Israel's fault??!!

Local media tonight ran a story about an American family that lived near Cleveland. The family had been visiting Lebanon when the current situation was set off. The husband told how he was shocked that the Israeli response had been so severe when their two soldiers were kidnapped. I believe he said the response was out of proportion for two kidnappings?


Well what is proportionate? I mean how do we judge that? Even more pertinent, how proportionate do you think it would be if it was your son that was kidnapped by a terrorist group?

I became more and more annoyed, to the point of outright anger even, as I watched the family being interviewed. They talked as if the reaction from Israel was completely unwarranted, like it would be if some one bumped into you on the sidewalk and you ran them over with your car.

I hate people like that. Hate is a strong word, I know. Okay, I can't stand people that are passive aggressive little ninnies, people that do something that is completely inconsiderate and then wrinkle their lips at you when you respond unfavorably.

As I sat there and watched this family, I saw a lot of wrinkled lips.

When are these people going to learn? Will they ever learn? Israel does not play games. They are very patient for long periods of time, but eventually, after enough bombs have gone off and enough blood is spread in the streets, they retaliate. Make no mistake about it, this is not (as the media likes to call it) a cycle of violence.

This is one country that is constantly tormented by a group of people that lack all civility and who are forced to respond with force because of it. I just don't like the way the media uses the "cycle of violence" phrase to describe the situation, because that infers that Israel is equally responsible for the situation, and that isn't the case.

So this family droned on and on to the oh-so-concerned reporter about how terrible the conditions there were, and pointed their accusatory fingers right at Israel. Here's the thing though. You people that want Israel to stop acting with force in the Middle East....get the stinking terrorists to stop blowing people up, kidnapping soldiers, renegging on peace agreements, etc.

The problem doesn't lie with Israel's response you fools, it lies with what they are responding to.

And as for this family and the rest of you that like to point your fingers in Israels direction....

One hundred rockets were fired into Israel today. Most news reports I saw were filmed in Lebanon and told the story of how unfortunate the citizens there were,and the plight of foreigners that still remained there. I didn't see any stories about Israeli citizens. I guess their plight doesn't matter....


Jake said...

Right on. Isreal made no bones about defending themselves and the soldiers which were kidnapped. Just imagine if Clinton would have reacted the same way when the USS Cole and our embassies were attacked. The U.S. would be much better off today if he stood his ground and defended the United States and our soldiers.

GipperBlog said...

Here, Here. Once and for all can anyone in the media avoid using a hurting family member as a pawn to reinforce political agenda!!!