Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Song - Sometimes

Lyrics to the new song I wrote at 2 Am this morning:

Sometimes, I'm Happy. Sometimes, I'm not.
Sometimes, it takes a little. Sometimes, it takes a lot.

Sometimes, I'm forgiven. Sometimes, I forgive
Sometimes, I struggle, with why I'm livin the life I live.

Yeah, Searchin for the finer things.
Yeah, Taking what my life brings
Yeah, Hoping to find that one sunrise
That lasts a lifetime long

Sometimes, it's a minute. Sometimes, the whole day long.
Sometimes, you can't sing it, unless you've lived the song.

Sometimes, all in color. Sometimes, black and white.
Sometimes, I wonder if I'll, ever get this thing right.

Yeah, searchin for the finer things.
Yeah, taking what my life brings.
Yeah, hoping to find that one sunrise,
That last a lifetime long. (2x)

You can download it here and listen if you want. It's not perfect, it was recorded at 2 AM!!
Sometimes quickdump is a pain, but if you retry a few times it usually works.

EDIT- This song has already been rerecorded and you can listen to it here streaming so I disabled the first link.

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